About the business

Hi , and welcome to Alleycats Premier Cat Services  website , This is a new business which is just over 11 months old and already I've been on BBC Local Radio in my area to talk about the business and told them how it all came about... The reason I started the business is I was Diagnosed with Autism at the age of 7 years old and all through childhood I had plenty of domestic animals ranging from Goldfish , Guinea Pigs , and Cats and I loved every single moment with them and into adulthood I tried to fit in to most jobs without much luck as I found it to stressful working with most people and because of my ' autism ' I got bullied by most collegues so I decided that I preferred working with Animals then working with people ......so I decided to run my own business and Alleycats was born on May 10th 2021 and even though I specialize in Cats hence the name of the business , I provide pet services for nearly every domestic animal e.g cats  , rabbits , guinea pigs , hamsters , gerbils , snakes , lizards , birds , chickens etc , but sorry we don't provide any services for dogs !!  But I even do House sitting services , home security and home delivery service from supermarkets , pet shops and chemists